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Thoughts and Stories
1. In this difficult market, you need us!  
2. 10 Reasons why Mariposa Escrow, Inc. is your Preferred Escrow Service Provider  

Thoughts and Stories

10 Reasons why Mariposa Escrow, Inc. is your Preferred Escrow Service Provider
10 Reasons Why Mariposa Escrow Inc. is your FIRST CHOICE as Escrow Service Provider. 
Now, what Mariposa Escrow, Inc.’s can offer is no longer a secret! 
YES!!! We do exist! 
1. Our Philosophy: an attitude and decision of caring and compassion about your escrow needs effected through excellent, outstanding, and reliable

2. Staff/Track Record: There is value in our staff; our experience, team work and personal and professional skills are combined together to offer a stronger and efficient service. 

3. Availability/Extended Hours: When your loan docs comes at 5:00, we will still prepare it and get it ready for signing that same day if you need it. We will not let you wait for it the next day. When your clients are not available on our regular hours, we will accommodate them after hours or on weekends with an appointment. 

4. Responsiveness: We have the ability to respond with speed and effectiveness on issues concerning your escrow and do extra effort to result in clients receiving the prompt care and attention and support needed. 

5. Resourcefulness: There are other things we do. We network with a lot of professionals in the industry who we can refer you or your clients. We also have five licensed notary in house. We provide assistance on Short Sales, 1031 exchanges and Foreclosure Issues and For sale by owner Transaction. We also provide seminars and classes about issues in the real estate industry in the hope that by educating you, you will remember us as you grow. 

6. Competitive and realistic fees: We compared our fees with other Escrow companies in the area and we are able to compete with the fees without discounting our service! We receive loan documents by e-mail, free of charge to facilitate signing right away. Great Service, reasonable fees! What else can you ask for? 

7. State of the Art Facility: The ambience of our office is “a home away from home” which provides a neutral sanctuary where you can meet your clients in a homelike atmosphere. 

8. We are interested with YOU to work with US as part of your team. You wanted to partner with people who cares for your success and who wants you to be the Expert in your field so that you can deliver proven results. We are interested in helping you succeed and be a winner and want to know how we can help you. With Mariposa Escrow team, you will not end up a Crisis Management Expert.  

9. Timely, smooth escrow closing: We do the best we can to make sure that your escrow closes in a timely manner, keeping you informed step by step, even a step ahead, of the process and even providing resolution to you when issues arises. Your commission check and or seller’ proceeds are wired as soon as possible within 24 hours of recording confirmation! 

10. Professionalism: We are ready for a relationship with you, and choose to treat you well and still be able to maintain our impartiality and fiduciary duty as an Escrow Holder. 
This is a personal invitation to begin a new relationship with Mariposa Escrow, Inc. You are personally tagged with the Mariposa Touch! Please also visit our website at www.mariposaescrow.com 
(Mariposa Escrow, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Corporations, California. We are not attorneys, tax accountant or financial advisers and recommend you to contact one based on your needs. This is provided for informational purposes only.) 

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