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Thoughts and Stories
1. In this difficult market, you need us!  
2. 10 Reasons why Mariposa Escrow, Inc. is your Preferred Escrow Service Provider  

Thoughts and Stories

In this difficult market, you need us!
In this difficult market, you need an escrow company with such compassion and caring who will work closely with you in your every transaction! 
When you are beset with a legal problem, and a lawsuit is served against you, your tendency is to hire the best attorney in town your money can buy in order to win! 
When you are diagnosed with a malignant illness, you will ask and research and employ the best doctor for that illness to make sure that you will regain back your health. 
Yes, we will shop at the best stores, use the tested and proven named brands, watch recommended reviewed movies, eat at the restaurants with A ratings, line up ourselves with the Best, and learn from their examples in order to win and to be successful. This strategy is tested and proven! Starting on the right foot and with the right choices indeed help us become a winner! 
It is our preference that who, we are, and what we do as shown by our work be the one to do the talking but the time has come to share that MARIPOSA ESCROW, Inc. exists!  
We are a full service escrow company regulated by the Department of Corporations in the State of California, who acts as an impartial, third party in a real estate transaction: refinance, purchase, for sale by owners, commercial, 1031 exchanges. You can access our website and other info at www.mariposaescrow.com. 
All Escrow company knows how to handle escrow and close them, but what separates us from the pack? 
1. There is value in our staff where you can find teamwork, compassion and caring, outstanding, personalized customer service. 
2. Extended hours-We will accommodate you even after hours and weekends 
3. Competitive fees and in house notary 
5. An office that makes you feels like home 
When you are aware that 100% of your earning capability depends on a successful escrow what will you do? 
You need to do everything in your power to work with a reliable and trusted Escrow Company, Mariposa Escrow Inc. who will get the work done. You need to specify Mariposa Escrow, Inc. to be the Escrow Holder in your offers, and as your escrow service provider in ALL of your transaction! 
We will make sure to follow through your every details and issues affecting your transaction, keeping you step by step, even step ahead, ensuring that your deal will close in a timely and smooth manner. 
You will be able to access your commission or if you are a seller, your proceeds within 24 hours of closing of escrow wired directly to your bank! 
This is an invitation to begin a new relationship with us. 
We are not a dating or an escort service. 
We do not offer legal, financial or tax advice. 
We are real people who are determined to go beyond the extra mile of doing the escrow job to help you become successful! 
Let Mariposa Escrow Inc. hold your hand as we partner together adapt to the challenging times in the real estate industry and not only survive but thrive!!! The key is starting in the right foot, and choosing to work with Mariposa Escrow, Inc.! 

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