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About Us

The right attitude and the kind of service your escrow people provides you can empower you! We work harder so you do not have to!

We are a full service escrow company geared to handle single family homes, condominiums, investment property, commercial, vacant land, resale, refinances and for sale by owner transactions. We service Southern California, particularly the areas of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and the neighboring counties.

We believe that every escrow transaction is a beginning of a relationship. Please allow us to be of service for your escrow needs.

Here we are!.

Sandy Ramirez (Manager/Escrow Officer)
I am the Corporate Escrow Manager and am also an Escrow Officer. Let me tell you one key to a successful escrow and that is COMMUNICATION. Here at Mariposa Escrow, Inc., we strive to exhaust all our efforts to make your escrow experience a delightful one. Please let us know about any special needs you might have and how can we be of more assistance to you to ensure a smooth settlement closing. Please be aware that although the escrow process is fundamental, each escrow situation is unique to the property and the transaction involved. Please e-mail me at sandy@mariposaescrow.com.

Florence Canete (Escrow Officer)
We will make sure that we process and coordinate the flow of documents and funds, and will keep you informed of the progress of your escrow files. We will respond to your Broker or Lender’s requirements, and work with Title companies and other agencies involved as to make sure that your escrows close smoothly.
Yes, we are the people “behind the scenes” and the right people and the right company can help you close your escrow in an expedited way. At Mariposa Escrow Inc, we will be with you every step of the way throughout the escrow process. You can e-mail me at florence@mariposaescrow.com.

Patricia Patron (Escrow Officer)
To everyone, I am Pat, and I am also a Notary Public. The Escrow process was developed for the protection of the Buyer and Seller, and in a refinance, a Lender. As an Escrow Professional, I will assist you in requesting prelims, clearing liens and securing a title insurance policy, obtaining approvals of reports and documents, prorating and making adjustment of insurance, rents, and taxes, recording the deed and loan documents.
I will also help in maintaining security and accountability of funds due and owing and aid you in fulfilling any other conditions specified in the escrow instructions and or purchase contract. I would appreciate receiving an e-mail at pat@mariposaescrow.com.

Danalynn Bautista (Escrow Officer)
Everybody calls me Dana.
In California, most terms are negotiated even choosing your Escrow Company. As a Seller and Buyer in a purchase transaction, you agree on the Escrow Company to be used. Your real estate broker or agent may make a recommendation and suggest a name or a company based on established business relationships.
Remember, you have the right to work with someone you feel comfortable with, who is professional, reliable and service oriented. Please reach me by e-mail at dana@mariposaescrow.com.

Cecilia Bibera (Escrow Officer)
You can call me Cecile. Doing escrow is a challenging job and many things can happen during the process and that the Escrow Holder, the Buyer and the Seller are not only the parties involved in the transaction and each party has to fulfill different responsibilities. Please keep in mind that the people involved are humans, just like everybody else and no one is perfect. We strive to serve you well, to be available, and to be accommodating of your escrow needs but it all has to start with you letting us know how we can be of service to YOU FIRST. From there, we can know and serve you better and embark on a beautiful working relationship. My e-mail is cb@mariposaescrow.com.

Marielle Denise Bautista (Office Staff)
To many, I am also Denise. I am directly involved in mainly handling the telephone and other office procedures in the company, thus providing strong corporate support so that your transaction can close quickly and effectively. I found Escrow work fulfilling and promising and am looking forward to help you in your next transaction. Remember, we are a phone call or an e-mail away and you are always welcome to visit us in our Corporate Office. Please remember that my e-mail is marielle@mariposaescrow.com.

Madelyn Bartolome (Office Staff)
Please call me Mady. I found out that Escrow really is not an 8 hour job. Most of the loan documents are e-mailed by Lenders after office hours especially at the end of the month. And if your loan documents arrive at the Escrow Office after 5:00 p.m., and if it is a refinance escrow of a principal residence, you wanted to make sure that your time starts ticking. You want to have your borrower sign the moment loan docs is available so that you can begin the three days rescission right away. I am here at Mariposa Escrow Inc., to support your Escrow Officers and to make sure that your loan documents are ready for signing or sending to the Lender, if needed be. Please take note that my e-mail is mady@mariposaescrow.com.

Wilberto Jose Bibera
Please know that an Escrow Company in the State of California is subject to the provisions of the Financial Code and the California Code of Regulations under the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency with the Department of Corporations. Please address your questions or concerns to the Department of Corporations at 3700 Wilshire Blvd., #600, Los Angeles, Ca 90010. You may also reach them by calling 213-736-2751. Please e-mail me at wb@mariposaescrow.com.

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